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Getting started with Integrated SOA Gateway

The Integrated SOA Gateway is a product released with Oracle E-Business Suite version 12. SOA Gateway is built on top of Oracle Fusion Middleware and service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology. This infrastructure not only allows greater and effective business integration between heterogeneous applications, but also facilitates the development and execution of complex business processes into highly flexible and reusable Web services. With this standardized and interoperable Web service platform, Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway provides a powerful framework that accelerates dynamic business processes and service integration between applications over the Web.

An integration developer can perform end-to-end service integration activities including creating and annotating custom integration interfaces, orchestrating discrete Web services into meaningful end-to-end business processes, defining Web service invocation metadata, and testing the Web service invocation.

Application users can then browse through and search on available integration interfaces and services, regardless of custom or Oracle packaged ones, as well as view each interface details through the centralized repository.

Major Features
  • Provide robust, consistent integration framework with extensive infrastructure based on SOA principles
  • Integrate loosely coupled and heterogeneous applications
  • Contain pre-built and reusable business services
  • Provide native service enablement capability within the Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Use native services as building blocks to create composite services
  • Support annotated custom integration interfaces from Oracle Integration Repository
  • Enforce function security and role-based access control security to allow only authorized users to execute administrative functions
  • Enable Web service invocation from Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Audit and monitor Oracle E-Business Suite service operations from native SOA Monitor

The Integrated SOA Gateway is not installed out-of-the box when you install eBusiness Suite (12.1.1). There are som patches that needs to be applied and some setup actions that needs to be performed.

  • Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12 [ID 556540.1]
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway 12.1.1 Integration Repository Parser One-Off [ID 946192.1]
  • Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) ebservice Invocation Fails With Error "User Not Authorized To Execute The Service" [ID 1269178.1]
  • Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide, section Setting Up Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway (Chapter 2)
  • Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide, section Setting Up and Using the Integration Repository Parser (Chapter 5, page 3)
Integrated SOA Gateway within Oracle E-Business Suite
A new responsibility to handle SOA Gateway is available in E-Business Suite release 12.

The new responsibility has two functions, Integration Repository and SOA Monitor

Integration Repository
Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway is the key part of Oracle E-Business Suite for service enablement. It provides the capability of invoking services or Web services and allowing services or Web service clients to make use of the services provided from the Suite.

The Integration Repository is the centralized location where all service related business interfaces are stored. It contains numerous interface endpoints exposed by applications throughout the entire Oracle E-Business Suite and is an essential component within Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway. This centralized repository not only provides a complete catalog of Oracle E-Business Suite's business interfaces, but also provides a comprehensive, consistent browsing view of the interface mechanism. You can use this tool to easily discover and search on business interfaces, regardless of custom or Oracle packaged ones, from the catalog for integration with any system, application, or business partner.

Note: Oracle Integration Repository supports the following integration interface types which can be categorized as follows:
  • Service enabled
    • PL/SQL
    • XML Gateway Map (inbound)
    • Concurrent Program
    • Business Service Object (Service Beans)
  • Subscription model
    • Business Event
    • XML Gateway Map (outbound)
  • Composite services – BPEL
  • Non-service enabled public interfaces
    • Open Interface Tables
    • Open Interface Views
    • EDI Interface
Major Features
  • A unified repository from which all integration interface types are exposed.
  • Updates are automated and documented.
  • Catalog is searchable on keywords and navigable by product family.
  • A powerful user interface to help you find the data you are looking for from the repository.
  • It supports composite services containing a collection of native interfaces.
  • It enforces security rules to allow only authorized users to perform administrative tasks such as generate and deploy Web services.
SOA Monitor
SOA Monitor is an audit and managing tool that allows all SOAP request and response messages received by SOA Provider and Web Service Provider to be logged and displayed (if the SOA Monitor feature is enabled by setting the profile value “SOA: Service Monitor”).

With SOA Monitor, the Integration Repository Administrator can effectively manage and identify errors incurred during the service deployment life cycle and take necessary actions to expedite the interaction between services.

By clicking the Request and Response icons it is possible to view the details about a specific web service call. The Status column indicates if the invocations were successful or not.

Example of a web service request

Result when clicking the View link on the SOAP Request

Example of a web service response

Result when clicking the View link on the SOAP Response

More reading
  • Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide (February 2010)
  • Integrated SOA Gateway User's Guide (February 2010)
  • Integrated SOA Gateway Developer's Guide (February 2010)


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