Monday, October 8, 2012

Oracle Open World - Conclusions

If I should summarize this years conference in one word it will be CLOUD. They already talked about cloud last year but this year it was mentioned in all the sessions and key notes I attended.

Other observations:
  • Fusion Applications is really coming and it looks really good. Based on the latest technology and standards with the user experience in focus this looks like a fantastic product.
  • Exadata version 3 - this machine, packed with hardware and software from Oracle (the Red Stack) takes Exadata to the next level with 26 TB of  fast memory. 
  • New database version 12c - optimized to run in the cloud and have the new "pluggable" concept.
  • Big Data - term that popped up here and there. Big data is all the unstructured data found in social media. If we can collect and process this data we will find better opportunities and have a stronger posistion in the market place.

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