Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oracle Open World day 5

Personalize and extend eBusiness Suite with Rich Mashups

In this session the presenter described different ways to extend eBusiness Suite in a supported manner.
  • BC4J-substitution to external business logic.
  • OAF to build new components.
  • Web ADI to build custom integrators (included in the standard license).
  • Oracle Forms to build new extensions and applications.
  • ADF to build new extensions and applications (use EBS SDK to use specific EBS methods).
  • APEX to build new extensions and applications.
  • mod_plsql to build new extensions and applications (not recommended, does not work in R12)
  • Possible to plug in Endeca in 12.1.3 (license for Endeca needed).

Coming in 0-12 months
  • Model Personalizations: make it possible to create view objects (VO) within personalization
  • Support for undo personalization: today we need to delete them manually from the database using scripts
  • Support for copy personalization: make it possible to deploy the changes to other environment, today it needs to be setup manually
Mobile Enablement of Oracle Fusion Applications with Fusion Mobile Development

I expected this session to describe how you develop mobile applications within Fusion Apps but it was a demo of the ipad app Fusion Tap. Fusion Tap is available for download from Appstore today.

Some key features:
  • Only available for iOS, Android support is coming.
  • Personalizable
  • Is only working for clients that have deployed Fusion Apps in the cloud.
  • Included in the standard Fusion Apps license.
  • Fusion Tap will support certain processes that is suite for a mobile application.
  • Possible to use offline.
Even though this session was not what I expected Fusion Tap looks really promising and it will be very interesting to see this in a real environment in the future.

Web Service and SOA Integration options for eBusiness Suite

This session described how you can integrate EBS with external systems. It talked briefly about the more traditional methods and went into details about the possibilities to service enabled logic in EBS.

In R12 a new module were introduced, the Integrated SOA Gateway. It provides possibilities to web service enable a lot of interfaces in EBS but also lets you create your own. If you want to know more about the SOA Gateway please read my post Getting started with SOA Gateway.

New features coming in 12.2 and beyond
  • The underlying tech stack will be based on SOA Suite and Weblogic
  • Open interface tables/views will be service enabled
  • Transaction support in distributed processing
  • Support for Asynchronous Web Services
  • Monitor Service Invocations
  • Enhanced Service Invocation Framework UI
  • REST web services
Entry to the Appreciation event

Larrys boat in the Americas Cup

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