Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oracle Open World day 4

Fusion Applications: Functional Deep Dive

In this session the presenter talked about the highlights of Fusion Apps in the functional areas.

- FND_USER is no longer used; all security related actions will be performed in Oracle Identity Management.

- Business Groups are replaced by the new object Enterprise.

- Operating Units does not exist anymore; the new term is Business Unit. Some setup data that were before connected to the Operating Unit are now decoupled and no redundant set up is needed. One example is payment terms that are set up once and then copied to where it’s needed.

- Legal Entity Timezone; auto adjust the date to the correct timezone.

- Chart of Account:
- Separate the CoA structure from the value set.
- Using trees to separate hierarchies from value sets.
- Allow range of accounts to be specified using a node in a hierarchy.

- Date effectively:
- Allow users to change attributes of an object and store an older object version of that object

- Application Composers; as discussed in other posts all supported and upgrade safe customizations most be done using composers. They are browser based and performed during runtime. The composers are similar to the personalization’s that can be done in R12 but they are much more sophisticated.

- A Skin Editor lets you edit the look and feel of the application.

- Social; Fusion Apps is social enabled. This means that you can chat with your co-workers, tags objects for web 2.0 type searches and subscribe to RSS feeds from objects within the applications. It takes a while to get into this mindset but hopefully it will help the users to work with the application.

Coding Therapy for software Professionals

In this session the well known speaker Steve Feuerstein talked about how you can be a better programmer. Mr Feuerstein calls himself a PL/SQL evangelist and has been talking about PL/SQL for a long time. Below is the different kind of therapy he talked about.

- Game therapy; he exemplified especially one game that will help your brain to exercise and think more abstract. The game Mastermind (download from is a perfect way to start your day and get into the mood.

- Dream therapy; if you cannot find the solution to a problem go home and sleep on it. Many times the solution will present itself the next morning. I think all of us have been experience of this. Steve talked about that you should not be afraid of asking for help, if you have not solved a problem in 30 minutes you should go and ask someone. And, when you describe the problem to you co-worker you will probably find the solution yourself.

- Shock therapy; stop writing SQL and start writing PL/SQL. In this part he talked about hiding the SQL-statements and instead use functions for DML. Steve have been talking about this for many years, he talked about the same last time I heard him talk 6 years ago.

- Couples Therapy; improve the relationship with your DBA and your manager and you will deliver better solution in a more harmonic work environment.
Steve in action

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