Monday, October 1, 2012

Oracle Open World day 1

Today the conference started with alot of special interest group meetings and the welcome keynote.

The welcome keyknote was devided by some bigshot from Fujitsu and Larry Elison. I would guess that about 99% of the people were there to listen to Larry. The Japanese Fujitsu guy had a long uninspired talk about big data (all unstructured data from social media) and how there new chip Athena would be great to do all this processing. Oracle is working together with Fujitsu to optimize the usage of their technology.

Then Larry came on. Larry hade 4 announcements.

Announcement 1
Oracle will start to sell infrastructure as service (IaaS). IaaS is VM, OS Services etc. This together with what they already have, SaaS and PaaS will make them complete in the cloud business.

Announcement 2
Oracle Private Cloud. I think he talked about this last year so I was a little surprised that it came up again. With Orcale Private Cloud you can run the cloud behind your firewall with the same services as the external cloud. Good if you feel that you want to have full control of where your servers are located.

Announcement 3
A new database version will come out next year, version 12c, c for cloud. One of the biggest new features is that the database is multitenant. This means that it's possible to consolidate all other databases in to the same instance. "Manage many as one" as Larry put it.

Announcement 4
Exadata version 3 or the Database in memory machine as they called it. It has 22 TB of Flash disks and 4 DRAM, then 500 TB of normal disk. This means that it will do everything in memory and only store old (cold) data on the normal disk. All read and writes goes to the flash cache. It's about 10-20 times faster then the prevous version and costs the same.

Line to get in
Larry in action
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